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How do you manage it?

So since I’ve reopened up the application process for BPD

(it closes tomorrow by the way)

I’ve noticed one major common trend

from all the applications I received so far.

Almost all the lads biggest concern is that they don’t have enough time

to commit themselves to the program.

I get it.

We’re all busy between work & family life.

Nobody wants to over commit themselves

Signing up for a program, then not being able to follow it.

But the reality with Bulletproof Dad is,

all the lads involved are coming from the same background.

It’s why I designed the flexible training and nutrition plan within it.

So you can fit it in with your busy lifestyle

rather than take over it.

My mission is simple,

help fat dads get back in shape and stay that way.

By following an effective plan, that they can maintain longterm.

No gimmicks or fads.

Just proper f#cking training a couple of time a week.

And a nutrition plan that works,

but also allows you have some fun along the way.

And because it works.

And because the lads all enjoy the process working together

they stick at it.

They enjoy seeing the progress in the gym,

They enjoy seeing the change sin their body shape.

They enjoy the extra fitness & energy to play with the kids.

And they still get to enjoy

having something to look forward to t the weekend.

So if you’re thinking to yourself,

“jesus this BPD program sounds exactly like what I need

but I just don’t have the time at the moment”.

Hit the application link below

and lets at least have a chat and see if I can help you out.

Once you see what’s actually required

you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you can achieve.

Here’s the application link for the 2 week trial:

(applications close tomorrow)

Andrew “busy man” Lahart

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