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In The Jeans

I got a gas reaction to yesterday’s Facebook post

where I shared a screenshot of a watts app I received 

from one of the lads who trains with me in BPD

It read:

“Just tried on a pair of 32 inch waist in jeans 

and they fit lovely makes all the early mornings worthwhile. 

Thrilled.  Thanks”

But after posting it.

Another member of Bulletproof Dad sent me the following:

“Hi Andy

Just reading your FB & the 32inch waist which brought a smile to my face. 

I bought and fitted into a pair of 32inch waist jeans only last week for the first time in maybe 15 years.

I was telling a mate who I am encouraging to join up for his own health, 

I laughed when he said the Hilfiger brand are quite stretchy in the waist,

my simple response was I’d rather have a stretchy 32inch waist that a stretchy 36 inch waist : )

Needles to say he’s looking to join up the bulletproof programme if you have a space”

The cool thing is both of these lads started with me, 

having done very little exercise for years.

But after getting stuck into the Bulletproof Dad Program 

they’re both flying now.

As you can see from the messages above.

Plus they can start swapping clothes with each other now ; )

But in all seriousness,

If you’re struggling to fit into your jeans at the moment 

Do yourself a favour.

Click the application link below

and let’s see if I can help you out with my BPD Program.

I’ll be taking calls over the weekend.

Here’s the link to book a call:

Andrew “forever in blue jeans” Lahart

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