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Meat worse than smoking?

It’s been all over the news the last 24 hours.

World Health Organisation published an article

on the possible links between processed meats & cancer.

In fact it’s even been compared to smoking.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that foods like sausages

and hot dogs may be bad for you.

But the reality is not all are created equally.

You go to somewhere like Marks & Spencer’s

or a local butcher & buy premium sausages

with a pork content of 90% or above.

Seriously lean, and very little added crap.

Or you go to your local chipper & order a sausage n chips.

Chances their sausages has very little pork content,

can be as low as 40% or even lower.

So what the f#ck else is in it?

Nobody really knows.

Probably a mix of MSG and some other funky stuff.

And that’s where the potential problems can arise.

So it’s not the meat itself,

but the processed crap thats added to it that is the real issue.

See what I mean?

But unfortunately sensationalists

have no interest in that logical conclusion.

They see the headline & decide that all meat is bad for you

and it should be avoided.

The reality is there’s no comparison between meat

like an organic rack of Irish lamb

and a f#cking microwave hot dog that came in a pack

shipped over from China.

You can’t test the hot dog,

discover it’s dodgy

and then conclude that all meat is bad.

It’s like refusing to buy a Toyota

because of the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Don’t entertain these sensationalist headlines.

If you choose to be vegetarian,

good for you.

Just make sure it’s based on your own beliefs

and not from unfounded scare tactics.

Andrew “not entertained” Lahart

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