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That One Thing

If you were to go on a diet on today,

what would be the one thing you’d fear to give up most?

Your few pints?

Your tea & hobnobs?

Or your cheeky weekend take away?

Whatever it is.

Any decent nutrition program worth it’s while,

should allow for it.

The truth is, if you’re trying to lose the belly,

You can have your few treats provided you do the following:

Stay within a calorie deficit

Eat your minimum requirements of protein for the day

3. Eat a min of 5 portions of fruit & veg

(takes care of your nutrients & fibre)

4. Drink roughly 2 litres of water a day.

5. Try to sleep a min of 7 hours a night.

All of the above are my 5 Bulletproof Principles

I use to GREAT effect with my Bulletproof Dads.

If you focus all your energy on these,

the few treats you allow yourself to stay sane

will have very little effect on your overall weight loss.

Granted you’d be better off not having the few pints,

but if it’s your reward you look forward to and keeps you motivated.

You’ll be alright, provided you try to follow the above 5 principles.

The trick is you gotta aim to do it day after day.

Because it’s consistency that breeds success.

If you’ve no idea what your calorie or protein targets should be,

get in touch with someone who can help you.

And not the f#cking former bodybuilder in work

who’s now 5 stone overweight.

Get in touch with a professional who knows what they’re on about.

Someone who has a proven track record in helping people,

people just like you.

Don’t let that fear of giving your favourite treat up stop you.

Just get the proper guidance so you can still achieve what you want

without having to suffer during the process.

If you think I tick that box,

here’s the application link to get in touch with me:

Don’t go full retard & try to restrict yourself of everything you like,

punishing yourself just for the sake of it.

Get the intelligent info and box clever.

That way it’s simple to stay consistent.

Andrew “never go full retard’ Lahart

PS if you still think I’m your man

Here’s that application link again:


Andrew Lahart,

Personal Trainer in Swords, Co Dublin

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