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The weakest Link

Nothing to do with that scary witch from the TV show.

I’m on a bout the human body.

and how it moves.

As I’m in the middle of my studies to become a Physical Therapist,

I’m gaining a much greater appreciation for human movement.

Basically the body moves in a sequence that’s called a kinetic chain.

In other words,

muscles have to work together in a chain

to produce movement.

For example, if you were to throw a punch with your right fist,

there will be some form of muscle recruitment along the chain,

down as low as the toes in your left foot.

(try it yourself to feel it)

So if you have a tight/weak muscle somewhere along the chain

It’s going to seriously impact the movement.

Especially if you play a sport like football or Rugby.

See this is where Strength & Conditioning comes into play. 

Something as simple as tight & weak hamstrings can

be the difference from you getting to the ball or not getting there,

as it will impede your sprint speed big time.

And the problem is the longer this goes on,

the more the muscle will tighten.

And that’s when the injury risk sets in.

So if you’re playing sport,

And you’re looking to be the best you can possibly be at it.

(who wouldn’t)

You gotta look at getting some proper strength training into your training routine.

If you’ve never trained with weights before,

get someone who can help you.

A properly structured strength program will make you fast & strong,

a poorly structured one will make you heavy, slow & at risk of injury.

Speaking from my own experience,

a properly functioning kinetic chain will just supercharge your performance levels.

If you’re serious about your training,

but you need that bit of guidance.

Just email me back for more info.

Andrew “you are the weakest link, goodbye” Lahart

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