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The Men who gave up:

Got this link forwarded onto me yesterday

by one of my long standing clients:

He’s been training with me nearly 2 years,

so he know’s a good article when he sees one:

And the above article didn’t disappoint.

It’s about 2 Dutch lads who decided to give up

sugar & alcohol for 1 month.

And they document how they got on.

The notable issues they encounter

are the moods swings within the first week.

Almost like coming off a drug,

they constantly craved something sweet

& got very cranky because they couldn’t get their fix.

This is just with sugar,

something we eat everyday.

Not exactly something extreme like heroin or crack.

Sugar is what you call dose dependent.

In small amounts, you digest & no big deal.

But consume too much,

and that’s when problems like diabetes & obesity kick in.

A big shock to them was how much everyday products

contained added sugar.

Products you wouldn’t even think about double checking the label.

Stir in sauces for example.

(some are worse than others though)

Absolutely laced with sugar.

You make a nice health meal

then basically pour sugar syrup all over it,

without even realising.

No wonder the obesity & diabetes rates are off the charts.

Here’s the link again,

check it out & see what you get from it:

Andrew “double dutch” Lahart

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