This Friday - Defined Fitness

This Friday

So I’ve booked a meeting room in The Carnegie Court in Swords

for Friday’s seminar

“How To Lose The Beer Belly Without Giving Up The Beer”

Here’s a quick reminder of some of the topics that will be included:

– Training Weights vs Cardio

– How to maximise your limited free time

– Supplements: Useful vs Useless

– Your health bank Account

– Upper & lower cross syndrome

– Stretching & foam rolling

– Clean Eating vs Calorie Counting

– Nutrition Priority Pyramid

– Calories & Macros

– The low fat & low carb myth?

– Build a meal = protein carbs & fats

– Weekend Pints in Numbers

– Putting it all together (Score System)

Basically it’s gonna tie with all the lads I train.

Mega busy lads in their 30’s & 40’s who are trying to get back in shape

after letting themselves go after the last few years.

It’s looking like I’ll have a few spots available

now that I’ve moved it to a larger venue.

If you’d like to come along (for free) hit me an email back.

We’re kicking off at 7pm this Friday,

We’ll fin up at 8pm,

with a Q & A afterwards for anyone who wants to hang on and ask a question

Andrew “looking forward to it” Lahart

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