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Back On The Bike

One of my BPD lads went out for a cycle at the weekend

with some his cyclist enthusiast mates.

He’s training for the Great Dublin Bike Ride in a few weeks

He was telling me about it last week,

how he was a bit nervous as he hasn’t been out on his bike proper

since last years event.

Where as his mates go out regularly.

Chatting to him last night he was delighted.

They did a 60k route on Sunday

and was well able to keep up with them the whole journey.

Don’t get me wrong,

He didn’t become a top cyclist from training with me.


he used to cycle loads.

And in the last year he’s solely relied on Bulletproof Dad.

And as a result he maintained his high levels of fitness for cycling.

Was delighted for him.

Especially that he can wind his mates up

having done no cycling in the last year.

And the fact they were slagging him at the start

at how they would “slow down for him”

if he needed them to.

See while I have the gym in Defined Fitness mostly kitted out

with strength training equipment.

The way I program the BPD sessions

allows for a HUGE cardio & fitness benefit also.

Hence the reason he was well able for the 80k.

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