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When I grow up

Chatting with some of the lads in one of the

Bulletproof Dad sessions earlier in the week.

One of the dads was saying his young lad

came home from school the other day

and told him that he wanted to be a formula one driver

when he grows up.

So we were giving him stick saying that we hope his son

drives better than him

as his car is covered in dents haha : )

But it sparked a nostalgic conversation for all the lads

talking about what they all wanted to become growing up.

And sure enough, not one of us had achieved what we planned

I’m still waiting on the call up from Jose Mourinho ; )

But one thing we did all agree on,

was that being unfit & overweight was not part of our plans.

But unfortunately, a busy job and family life

tend to change those plans as you get older.

All that free time you had as young lad,

pretty much evaporates as soon as kids come on the scene.

When I talk to lads who are looking to lose weight,

they all have the same problem.


And a big lack of it..

See we all have the same amount of hours in the day.

Some lads do nothing & use it as an excuse

And some lads work to create a couple of hours a week,

so that they can get some training in for themselves.

You’ve only 1 life.

So you may swell do what makes you happy

and allow yourself to enjoy it.

So if your weight or lack of fitness is getting you down.

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Take the first step.

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Andrew “I’m still waiting Jose” Lahart

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